In order for us to understand what you want to achieve, we’re curious about what the world looks like in your shoes. We’re most interested in getting to the root cause and the changes you want to see, so we ask a lot of great questions, and we listen (really well).


There are no universal best practices. We believe there are only the right practices at a certain point in time, so we will bring forward different ways we can partner together and approaches that get the outcomes you want. Everything we do is customized for your organization; your leaders will say, “This feels like this was designed for us, by us.”


All of the work we do is interactive, experiential, practical, and focused on actual opportunities and challenges facing your leaders now. We believe in true development, so we ignite candid, engaging, and dynamic conversations to empower internal changes in behaviours, habits, and mindset. We deliver both in-person and virtual experiences, and we’re quite comfortable working with leaders across multiple locations and time zones.


Every ViRTUS experience is designed to focus on results, not just “time-served.” The impact on the business has to be real and lasting. We collaborate with you to understand what success looks like. Our goal is to score an average of 9/10 or higher on “Likelihood to Recommend,” based on feedback from your leaders on their experience with us. This is one of the primary metrics we track and we’re fanatical about it (just ask our clients).


We’re in this partnership together, the whole way through, so recognizing, celebrating and appreciating each other’s contributions along the way is at the core of how we work.