Shannon Lawder

Director of Learning Strategies

Shannon is the driving force behind the development of intellectual property and instructional design at ViRTUS, as well as the guardian of our values. She has an unparalleled gift for taking the complex and making it simple, taking the theoretical and making it actionable, and taking the obscure and making it meaningful. This has allowed ViRTUS to continually produce world-class, practical tools for our clients.

For over 15 years, Shannon’s integrity has propelled ViRTUS forward. The values she integrates into our content are authentic products of the way she conducts her own life. 

Still an Ontario girl at heart, Shannon studied Communications at the University of Ottawa.  She has her Executive Coaching Certification from Royal Roads University.

To find Shannon outside of work, look to one of Vancouver’s happening patios, unless she’s off jet-setting with her one and only.