leadership development

Our leadership development offerings move beyond traditional approaches to provide customized, innovative, experiential learning where leaders work both on themselves and on things happening in their business right now; the result is true behavioural and mindset change with a lasting impact on the organization.



Most people leave managers, not companies.

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Executive Team Development

People look up the organization chart for leadership cues, not down.

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Leadership Development

Leaders learn best with other leaders, working on things that matter to them and your organization right now.

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Using leadership effectiveness analyses, personality profiling, team assessments, and emotional intelligence assessments, we help leaders and teams discover and leverage their strengths, uncover their blind spots, and create development plans to match.

Your executive team sets the stage for every leader in the organization. In other words, how effectively you work together directly impacts the organization. We help uncover the roadblocks that are getting in the way so you can truly function as a high-performance team and model the types of leadership behaviours you want to see throughout your organization.

From your executive team to your high-potentials we partner with you to create customized leadership development programs to suit every level of learning you need across the organization.

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Leadership Model Creation

Leadership happens at all levels of the organization.

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Employee Engagement

Most people are self-motivated – until something or someone sucks the life out of them.

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Succession Planning

If a leader doesn’t have someone on their team who is a likely succession candidate for their role, it says more about them as a leader than it says about their team.

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Together we’ll uncover the leadership competencies and behaviours you want to see demonstrated across your organization and create a model that directly connects to your Vision, Mission, and Core Values. We’ll get everyone on the same page and create the strong leadership culture your entire organization has been looking for.

Motivation for most people runs high in the beginning, over time things might change – obstacles start to creep in and slowly, but surely, engagement suffers as a result. Together we’ll review your engagement results, uncover the behaviours, habits, mindsets, and systems that inspire your people to do their very best and also the ones that make it hard for them to do the right thing, and then we’ll then customize a plan to help you fill the gaps.

Achieving your long-term strategic objectives requires having the right people ready for the right roles at the right time. We understand that at a deep level. We partner with you to build a succession plan from the CEO to your high-potentials, we can uncover the right approach to development across each of the levels of leaders in your organization.

actionable strategic plans

Strategy without a plan for execution is a waste of everyone’s time.
Our approach to strategic planning is a time-tested, innovative, and creative process that engages your leadership team in discovering what you want to achieve together and how to get there. The result is an executable strategic plan that leaders are inspired to work on and be held accountable for.