creative strategic planning

Strategy without a plan for execution is a waste of everyone’s time.
Our approach to Creative Strategic Planning is a time-tested, innovative, and creative process that engages your leadership team in discovering what you want to achieve together and how to get there. The result is an executable strategic plan that leaders are inspired to work on and be held accountable for. 


Current State Analysis
Participants are asked to individually research competitors, customer feedback, social and technology trends, landscape assessment, growth geographies, and team function.

Collect the Data
A bigger variety of ideas and thoughts are collected when each person shares their ideas and perspectives. We have a proven method for preventing groupthink and confirmation bias.

Connect the Dots
Data and ideas are pooled, and themes are identified.

Generate Initiatives and Objectives
Core objectives are created, owners are identified, and we have a high-level conversation discussing what it takes to achieve the objectives. The result? You walk away with clear accountabilities, action steps, and owners for each objective.

Review, Evaluate, Revise 
Strategic planning are meant to be dynamic: meeting on a quarterly basis, we review any new information gathered and insights discovered, and update the plan accordingly.



Kick-off Meeting

To outline the measures of success and outcomes, to help us customize the right approach for your organization.

Multi-Day Creative Strategic Planning Session

The team will complete pre-work in the form of a comprehensive set of questions about the internal and external landscape of the business – growth geographies, potential markets, current work, team function and process with a focus on a 3-5 year time span.

Over two days, the team will participate in an interactive process to capture, assess ideas, insights, and data for potential actions. The information, ideas, and insights will be used to shape possible strategies and tactics and make decisions about which of those will form the strategic plan.

After the initial session the team will go back to their direct reports to socialize the plan, walk them through the actions steps, and get their feedback and a reality check. As a team they can finalize the action steps and agree on dates and accountability.

Reality Check and Execution Plan

Two weeks later, we will spend half-a day to a full day to review, evaluate, and revise the plan based on the team having had time to internalize and process the first two days, and based on the feedback and reality check from their direct reports.

Quarterly Follow-Up Sessions
We will review, evaluate, and revise, and hold each of the team members accountable for their part in delivering on the strategic plan. We use these sessions to develop tactics for the subsequent quarter based on execution results and insights from the research and actions.

Optional Coaching Sessions
Coaching support for the CEO or accountability owner monthly between the quarterly follow-up sessions.

$43,000 – $56,000/year