Katherine Wright

Operations Manager

Vivacious and attuned, Katherine brings a big-picture lens to our day-to-day operations.

Katherine approaches her workflow with empathy and curiosity. She asks thoughtful questions and seeks to understand. In her time before ViRTUS, Katherine managed governance and strategic projects for a public service non-profit in Ontario. Working closely with the Board, Katherine shepherded the organization through multi-year change management projects, team charter development, and annual business planning.

After half a decade in the non-profit space, Katherine has hit the ground running with our purpose-driven organization. As our Operations Manager, Katherine leverages her skills with process, culture, and strategic thinking to drive our organization forward.

The lure of the mountains brought Katherine from Toronto to Vancouver in December 2023. Away from her desk, Katherine can be found carving up a skate park on her roller skates, and spending time with her beloved cat, George.