Kandirra Wilson

Director of Program Design

A seasoned learning design and project leader, Kandirra brings a wealth of experience in what makes our programs tick.

With over two decades of end-to-end learning under her belt, Kandirra has worked in a full suite of industries to hone her craft. With experience in the banking sector, health care, corporate retail, academia, and beyond, Kandirra has a firm grasp on how leaders flourish. She holds a Masters of Education, and is both CTDP and PMP certified.

As our Director of Program Design, Kandirra leads the program team to create meaningful experiences for our clients, and drives excellence in outcomes. She provides oversight and creates cohesion across all aspects of our programs, while supporting our clients in being set up for success – from start to finish. Kandirra’s leadership style focuses on empowerment and effective resource allocation, to keep our program team challenged while maintaining work-life balance.

Kandirra lives in the Greater Toronto Area. Away from her desk, Kandirra can be found working her way through a proliferating reading list, or trying out (and critiquing) the newest foodie spots in town.