Rebecca Bligh

Rebecca’s positive realism enables others to find possibility beyond their assumed limitations. Assured and inspiring, she is a visionary.

Anchored by resilience, intelligence, and presence, Rebecca’s profound capacity for connection enables her to navigate challenging waters with clients. Working with Vancouver start-ups and rapid growth companies over the last two decades has built a reservoir of invaluable experience from which she draws. A young single mother, Rebecca began facilitation and team development for Provident Security. During her tenure, Provident Security grew from six employees to over a hundred and held a top 10 spot on BCBusiness’s “Best Companies to Work For in BC” three times. Rebecca has since applied her skills to the benefit of Lululemon, Kit and Ace, Arc’teryx, Vancouver Film Studios, LUSH, Rosemary Rock Salt Bagels, and more. In 2018 ViRTUS snatched her up as a perfect fit for our team.

Rebecca regularly volunteers with the Dr. Peter Centre and Dr. Peter Aids Foundation in Vancouver. She also travels, supporting sustainable leadership programs by partnering with NGOs within Africa.

In 2018 Rebecca was asked to run for City Council; she is currently fulfilling her first elected term. Motivated by her love of community, Rebecca now serves Vancouver at large.

Although free time is rare, when she has it Rebecca spends time with those she loves most: her teenagers, Jackson and Holly, her wife Laura, and their beautiful dog Kingsley.