Ray Williams


Ray embodies those essential qualities that make a great coach – mindfulness, curiosity, and acumen.

He has over 35 years experience as a CEO, senior HR executive, management consultant, trainer, executive coach, professional speaker and author.

He has received his undergraduate and graduate training in History, English, Psychology and Organizational Leadership and is a Certified Master Executive Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Ray is the past president of the International Coach Federation in Vancouver, and held several board positions in coaching and training professional associations in North America. In addition, he has served as a director and Vice-Chair for the Vancouver Board of Trade and director for several community organizations.

Ray’s clients have included Fortune 500 companies, the Best Managed Companies in Canada, and dozens of small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Ray has been recognized as one of the top C-Suite coaches in Canada.

Ray is a speaker in demand throughout North America, having delivered over 100 keynotes, workshops and seminars.

Ray has written extensively about leadership, the workplace, organizations, personal development, and social issues including two books on leadership; contributed to several books organizational issues; a novel and screenplay; and been interviewed or written articles for national publications and the media such as The Financial Post, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, The Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, USA Today and Inc.

Beyond his professional training and experience, Ray brings his insights into human behavior, having been born and raised in Hong Kong, where his family were imprisoned for four years by the Japanese in WWII, which allows him a unique perspective on overcoming adversity, and sustaining a positive outlook.