Jeffrey Kearney

Facilitator and Coach

Jeffrey’s open-minded curiosity and creative solution-oriented focus navigate his clients through the most complicated waters. Specializing in strategy development and execution, Jeffrey thrives on actionable outcomes for his clients.

A long-timer with ViRTUS, Jeffrey has facilitated and mentored executive teams since 2003. His clients work in a range of industries including technology consulting, wealth management, trust services, industrial manufacturing and leadership development consulting and have appeared on “great place to work” and “best managed company” lists including the Top 100 Employers for 2014 survey.

Jeffrey is trained in a variety of planning and execution, coaching, and lateral thinking tools that he brings to each of his engagements.  He was, for seven years, a Rockefeller Habits coach and is also a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play Methodology. He has even tackled improv at Vancouver Theatre Sports League!

Before entering the world of consulting, Jeffrey worked in a range of entrepreneurial, crown and corporate environments.  In 1998, Jeffrey became one of 6 partners of Radical Entertainment a privately owned Vancouver video game production company of 200 employees.  As Vice President of Production and Senior Producer Jeffrey led a team of 12 direct reports responsible for 125+ staff dedicated to lifting the company back to its feet from bankruptcy. Within 4 years, Radical Entertainment went from losing half its staff, most key employees and all its revenue to being named the Best Place to Work in BC (Watson Wyatt/BC Business Magazine) and one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Privately Owned Companies (Globe & Mail Survey).  In 2005 Radical sold to Vivendi-Universal.

Jeffrey attended UBC, casually studying Asian History while spending most of his time working with a dedicated team who successfully applied for a CRTC broadcast license for a community radio station. This is where his insatiable passion for music was cultivated. On the ViRTUS team, we go to Jeffrey with our difficult problems and for the best new music.