Nadia Allacas

Director of Program Design (Parental Leave)

(She/Her) As our Director of Program Design, Nadia is the driving force behind what makes ViRTUS tick. As a learning specialist with a background in people development and organizational culture, she applies the same principles we teach in our programs to foster capability and engagement. She collaborates with every department to create processes and systems that allow us to move mountains for our clients, while creating ease in our day-to-day work experience.

Motivated by a deep respect for ViRTUS, the team, and our clients, Nadia leads from a place of genuine care and curiosity. She draws on many years of experience doing the heavy lifting for ViRTUS in People & Operations, Program Design and Project Coordination. This experience across departments has given her invaluable perspective and context into what makes ViRTUS shine.

Nadia lives in Montreal. She is passionate about social and environmental justice, life-long learning, and finding humour with her husband in the ups and downs of raising young children. Nadia is currently on parental leave until mid-2024.