Lauren Yammine

Operations Manager (Parental Leave)

Precise and thorough, Lauren keeps our operations running like a well-oiled machine.

Canadian-born, raised in Dubai, and now firmly rooted in Vancouver soil, Lauren’s international experience has been key to developing her broad perspective. Lauren is observant and motivated to help others; she is the type of person who notices when a glass is half empty and fills it with haste. This expertise is seamlessly channeled into her role as our Operations Manager, where she spends her days tuning in to what the organization needs to elevate our operations and culture.

Prior to joining ViRTUS as a Project Coordinator, Lauren worked in the med-legal space as a Senior Operations Coordinator.

Outside of work, Lauren loves to run the seawall, play tennis, and travel the world with her partner. Lauren is currently on parental leave until Spring 2025.