The Spirit of Giving – Happy Holidays!

The Spirit of Giving – Happy Holidays!

Christmas is an exciting time of year that very often sees us rushing to the malls, trying to find that perfect gift for the special someone(s) in our lives.

Giving to those we care about brings joy, laughter, and an appreciation for what we have. And what better way to share that gratitude and the spirit of giving by extending it to those we don’t necessarily know, who need a little extra help bringing joy and happiness to their own families this time of year.

Thousands of children in our own backyard would go without a Christmas gift if it weren’t for wonderful organizations like the Vancouver Christmas Bureau, who step in to help those in need.

I have a 4 year old who reminds me that we should never underestimate how much happiness a small toy can bring to a child, and seeing that joy in a child is sometimes the only gift a parent really needs.

At ViRTUS, we recognize that there are so many families in our own community who could benefit from a small gift, and our team is committed to helping. Every year,¬†we participate in a fun Christmas gift exchange and donate all gifts to a local children’s charity.

Here’s how the gift exchange works:

  • Draw names
  • Buy a toy that you think the person you are buying for would have enjoyed or played with as a child
  • When presenting your gift, explain why you chose that toy
  • Donate all toys to a charity of your choice

We’re making a relatively small difference, and if more and more people embrace the spirit of giving, collectively we can make a huge impact.

On behalf of the entire ViRTUS team, we wish you great health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Holidays!




Aly Armstrong
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