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My friend Mo Fathelbab (he's one of the most experienced Forum trainers on the planet) recently spoke about the Drama Triangle at TEDx. The Drama Triangle is in play at work and at home, and once I understood how I contributed to it I started to notice it everywhere and...

Your behaviour as a leader has an enormous impact on your team and your organizational culture. Understanding the effect of your leadership behaviours on the execution of your strategy is the first step in guiding your team in the right direction.

As a leader, the best way to harness momentum and motivation around your strategy is by consistently behaving in ways that you want to see others behave, and exhibit the behaviours that you want to ingrain into your culture and ultimately pass down to everyone in your organization.

Here are a few things you can do to sustain momentum and support the execution of your strategy by being intentional with your leadership behaviours:

Be decisive and take action, however small, towards your goal. When temptation to postpone, cancel or move deadlines presents itself, let people see you take one small step toward the goal – when you can’t do it all, something is better than nothing; if you can’t do all of it, do some of it. When you put a visible emphasis on forward motion in the execution of your plan, chances are others will follow your lead.

Daniel Goleman, author of the book Working with Emotional Intelligence, speaks at Google about his research into our social intelligence and it's effects on human relationships. It's about an hour long so if you'd prefer to read the key points here they are: Research into the difference...