New Book on Canadian Entrepreneurial Success Stories

New Book on Canadian Entrepreneurial Success Stories

I’m pleased to announce that long time ViRTUS Exchange Member Stacey Cerniuk has been featured in a new book on Canadian entrepreneurs entitled, “Dynamic Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century.” Stacey owns Annex Consulting, a local IT outsourcing and technology recruitment firm that he founded in 1998.

The book is focused on twenty Canadian entrepreneurial success stories that you might not of heard of. Many entrepreneurs fly under the media radar until they receive significant press and all of a sudden they are an “overnight success.” The reality of their lives is that 10-15 years of nights have gone into creating that overnight success.

If you’re interested in reading about entrepreneurs who built businesses on their own dime and have the scars to prove it, then it’s worth a read.

Mike Desjardins

Mike is a a graduate of UBC’s Sauder School of Business with a Bachelors of Commerce, Mike has spent the past 21 years transforming businesses.

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