Jess Malz

(They/Them) Jess brings an incredible blend of authenticity, humour, and intelligence to their role as a ViRTUS facilitator. They adeptly create a safe, authentic space where learning and transformation thrive.

Jess’s resume is a testament to their depth of expertise. With over fifteen years of experience designing and delivering end-to-end enterprise learning strategies, Jess has a proven track record of shaping programs with meaningful results. Some of their clients include McGill University, the United Nations, the Canadian government, GSOFT, Cirque Du Soleil, Zu, C2 Montreal, Mila, OPEN Network, Global Vision, D3 Innovation Hub, and Goalcast.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jess is also the founder of Inbo, a learning design agency focused on transforming workplaces through creativity and play. They hold a Master of Arts in Human Systems Interventions, which has given them theory, tools and frameworks to enable change at a profound level. They have embedded their education into all they do. Their growing list of certifications reflects their continuous learning cycle to a T and includes Liberating Structures, Theory U, coaching certifications, and Immunity to Change.

Jess is a parent to two lovely puppies, whom they wrangle with their partner. They split their time between two homes – Gibsons and Montreal.