Heather Hilliard


Supporting our clients in Toronto is the impressive Heather Hilliard, with over 20 years’ experience consulting and coaching high growth organizations. As a ViRTUS facilitator, she translates her decades of experience into tangible wisdom for our clients.

Heather obtained her Bachelors Degree in Honors Business Administration at Ivey School of Business, in her voracious appetite for learning, has gone on to complete post-graduate courses in Human Resources, Rewards, Organizational Development, Performance Systems, Management Consulting and Behavioral Change. She obtained her Certified Human Resources Practitioner designation as well as becoming a Certified Compensation Professional.

As an entrepreneur, Heather founded Caliber Leadership Systems, an organizational effectiveness and management consulting firm, and grew it to one of the largest independent HR & Leadership consulting firms in Vancouver prior to relocating to Toronto in 2008. She also co-created the Striving Styles Personality System, an insightful framework to empower individuals to reach their potential.

Heather’s impressive list of past and present clients includes Boston Pizza, Tourism Vancouver, Verscold/Americold, Ernst & Young, Telus, Canadian Cancer Society, BC Hydro, and Translink.

Heather is a master at developing innovative strategies to enhance performance for organizations, and helping clients to decide which approaches best align with and support business strategy and organizational values. Her effectiveness is enhanced by her creativity and well-rounded nature.