Debra Rasmussen

Facilitator and Coach

Debra is refreshingly down-to-earth and extremely brilliant, a combination that enables her to swiftly and adeptly get to the core of the issue with any team or individual she works with. In Debra’s hands, our clients can address the toughest situation and move from chaos to real trust and high performance with expedience and grace.

Debra has been a consultant for over twenty years, and worked exclusively in Leadership Development, Coaching, and Organization Development for more than a decade. Along with her years of practical experience, Debra has a Bachelor of Commerce, Masters in Applied Human Science, is a Certified Coach, and her love of leadership and human interactions propels her to consistently add to her extensive resume of certifications.

When not changing the world one team at a time, Debra can be found adventuring with her children in her beautiful, nature-filled town of North Vancouver, or chatting with a friend over beers.